Wednesdays are now “Whatever Wednesdays.”  Giving us a chance to review all things golf for the week, the news, the feel good, and maybe feel bad stories, essentially… whatever. In today’s show, we discuss how the schedule change has hurt the Honda Classic, how our perception of Rory McIlroy here in the US probably more positive, where Rory’s decision to skip the Irish Open has raised some ire from his hometown paper. We discuss the difficult and near disaster at the Monday qualifier for the Honda Open, and even a little bit on the ridiculous outcry on backstopping. Give me a freaking break; let it die already. And finally, my favorite, the very first installment of “Fred Says,” which will be a segment where I share a quote or teaching of Fred Shoemaker of Extraordinary Golf, and then discuss the how it can help us in golf and sometimes even in life. It is what a mentee should always do for a mentor, so here we go.  Let’s tee it up!

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