Wow! Did anyone see that coming? Jordan Spieth was sitting in the clubhouse with a seven under par in his pocket, and J.B. Holmes comes screaming out of nowhere to throw down an 8 under 63 to snatch it away. Amazing! Matt Kuchar finally takes significant steps to put his this David Ortiz, Mayakoba Golf Classic garbage behind him, and the steps he took should end it. I think other players on the PGA Tour are going to take note that the public isn’t going to look too kindly on players who come across as greedy. With social media and 24/7 televised golf, there is just too much craving for new news to make hiding from even the slightest hint of bad behavior to get by. They will have to take note. And finally, we dive into more data to see if our expectations on par 3, 4, and 5 holes are realistic, and also our perceptions of bogeys. These stats are useful data for not only a good discussion, but hopefully to help us get our perceptions where they need to be. Let’s tee it up!

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