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There are not many unused superlatives when attempting to describe Tiger Wood’s victory at the Masters this year.  His 15th major, leaving him only three behind Jack Nicklaus. It had been 14 years since his last win at the Masters, and 22 years since his first Masters’ victory. It is tough to use words to describe just how incredible all of that is. But for me, the thing that was the most impressive was seeing Tiger enjoy the victory with his kids. Not much was said about what those kids have been through while Tiger was hurt and healing. It isn’t easy watching your dad suffer in pain, and struggle with their health. As a child, there is little that is so disconcerting as watching your big, powerful dad, be reduced to a shell of their former selves.  To watch Tiger gut it out, then be able to embrace his kids, I mean to be healthy enough to pick them up and embrace them, after watching Tiger fall to his knees in previous tournaments after wrenching his back. How incredible is all of it?
I am happy for golf, no question. Any of us who love golf know this was HUGE for the sport. But make no mistake, I am most pleased for Tiger’s kids, they won big yesterday, and it was a more important win than Tiger’s 5th Green Jacket.
Let’s look at the data that matters, and how Tiger got it done. Let’s tee it up! 
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