This is Keith Mitchell’s 2nd year on tour. He has played in 40 PGA Tour events and has made 70% of his cuts so far in his career. His putting has been very poor so far this year, but with the victory last week, it was the first time Keith has been a positive number against the field in the Strokes Gained-Putting (SGP) category. In this episode we take a few minutes to define SGP for a few of our listeners, then we dive in to see just how much more money Keith Mitchell would have made in the previous 5 tournaments, if he has just putted as well as he did last week, while playing in them. Additionally, we take the PGA Tour’s leader (Brian Gay) in SGP and use his average to see how much more money Keith could have made if he was the best putter on tour. It makes for some pretty fascinating data. Let’s tee it up!

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